Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sumit Khajuria playing along clinic at Golden guitar Fest 2011

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Neeraj Arya via Sumit Khajuria :
The best person and a very good friend.. wish you all luck dear sumit
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Babar Afzal Suuuuper !!! You are the best from our state ... !!! Hope people who claim to be Guitar Gurus in J&K see this as well....!!!
May 31 at 9:48am · Like
Sumit Khajuria No no Babar, I am just ur friend baba. Wo kabhi kabhi garmi aa jati hai to baja lete hai......... nothin serious. Man come on lets do something.
May 31 at 9:50am · Like
Babar Afzal Arey!! I have not seen anyone in J&K who even knows 5% of what you know on the Fret board.....!! You seriously have a gift and Lt. Mr. Mahesh (May his soul RIP) as a teacher and your mentor chose the right student in you who could understand, absorb and take the legacy forward... Keep it up and you rock man...!! Sure, we should do something ... wl connect on this soon...!! Cheers
May 31 at 9:54am · Like
Sumit Khajuria Ill wait for u SURE !!!
May 31 at 9:56am · Like
Brij Bhushan Khajuria i wish i could play like that!!!
May 31 at 5:34pm · Like
Abha Ojha exhilarating command over 6 strings!
Wednesday at 1:02am · Like
Arush Gupta extremely awesome
Wednesday at 2:47pm · Like
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Amit Padha good one
May 31 at 12:27am · Like
Rishav Seth great movement of fingers
May 31 at 2:37pm · Like
Anupam Sharma dude you rock ... loved it
May 31 at 10:17pm · Like
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Nadeem Pervej kya baat hai....bahut mehnat ki hai.....gud performance
17 hours ago · Like
Imran Khan very nice i can ply same rhytm
16 hours ago · Like
Sumit Khajuria Thank u Neeraj Arya, Nadeem Parvez & Imran Khan G
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